Book of the Year 2017

Nominated by Fergus Collins, BBC Countryfile Magazine editor

16th January 2017

These were the five nominations for BBC Countryfile Magazine Awards Book of the Year 2017 category 

The Outrun

Amy Liptrot finds salvation from alcoholism in her Orkney homeland. “Liptrot writes beautifully about her appreciation of and affinity with the wild islands of her origins.”

Being a Beast

Charles Foster recounts his experiences of living like a badger, otter and urban fox for six weeks at a time. “A book that's a breed all of its own, one that makes for fascinating, complex, highly entertaining reading.”

The Running Hare: the Secret Life of Farmland 

John Lewis-Stempel contemplates a wheat field. “A pleasurable read.”

Fingers in the Sparkle Jar

Chris Packham’s memoir of his boyhood. “Extraordinarily vivid and utterly unique.”

Once Upon a Time in the West Country 

Comedian Tony Hawks shares his experience of moving to Devon. “A warm, amusing and often bonkers read.”

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