Explore Somerset this week with Countryfile

It is the time of year when the Cheddar Gorge has its annual clean-up, but Ellie hadn't reckoned with dangling from a rope to do it...

13th February 2017
Cheddar Gorge

She is abseiling with a team from the National Trust, high up on the cliffs, making sure there are no loose rocks that could fall on the public. Back on terra firma she helps the volunteers clear back the undergrowth and hears how rare Soay sheep do their bit too. She also meets a carpenter and ecobuilder who is on a mission to get everyone living in trees.

Matt visits one of the only organic herds of Guernsey cattle in England and discovers that, although these are dairy animals, the beef they produce is pretty special. Their milk is used to produce yoghurt, but not the kind Matt is used to. He dons a blindfold for a taste test to see if he can guess the far-out flavours.

Adam is on call with the farm vets, ready at a moment's notice to deal with any emergency. And, as the environment agency says it cannot protect everyone at risk from flooding, Tom Heap asks if people in rural areas should be more self-reliant.

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