Join in the Big Seaweed Search

On this week's programme, Helen Skelton helps out with a laver harvest in Pembrokeshire, which we hope will inspire you to head to the seashore.

27th June 2016
Rockpooling Wembury beach - pic: Marine Conservation Society

If you're fascinated by fucoids or simply fancy a spot of rock-pooling then why not join in with the Big Seaweed Search. The aim of the project is to track changes in the UK's marine environment using the distribution of seaweed species as an indicator of what's going on beneath the waves.

There are actually more than 650 species of seaweed around our shores, but don't panic if you can't tell your Thongweed from your Bladderwrack, as there's a handy guide to 14 types of seaweed to look out for.

The survey is a fantastic excuse to go rock-pooling and discover what lurks below the high tide mark. It should only take about an hour of your time and all the data submitted will contribute to important research into rising sea temperatures, the arrival and spread of non-native species and ocean acidification.

Big Seaweed Search guide - Marine Conservation Society
Big Seaweed Search guide - Marine Conservation Society

All you'll need is a camera (your phone camera will do), the handy Big Seaweed Search guide (which you can download here), a recording form and a pen, but please make sure you're wearing suitable clothing and footwear for rock-pooling and check the tide times before you go.

You can get more information on how to take part here:

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