Knit your own fisherman's jumper – free download

Up and down Britain's coast, fisherman once wore traditional ganseys – sturdy, home-knitted jumpers. Why not try knitting your own for a loved one this Christmas, urges writer and designer Rosee Woodland

3rd November 2017
Fishermen at Broadstairs in Kent in the 1930s

Fisherman’s ganseys were made to withstand harsh conditions. My modern version should last a lifetime. It is worked in the round using traditional gansey construction techniques, including underarm gussets and a patterned yoke.

Read all about the history of these durable garments in the November issue of BBC Countryfile Magazine, available in newsagents until 23 November.

And to download my knitting pattern, just click on the link below. Happy knitting!


PICTURE: Fishermen wearing plain ganseys untangle nets at Broadstairs in Kent in the 1930s. Courtesy of Getty Images.

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