Photo gallery: Autumn in the countryside by Villager Jim

This beautiful gallery of autumn photographs featuring the wildlife and landscape of the British countryside have been taken by a photographer simply known as Villager Jim. Do you have a favourite?

19th September 2017
Peeping sheep
Abney in Autumn
Abney in Autumn/Villager Jim
Antlers of Bronze
Antlers of Bronze/Villager Jim
Golden hour
Golden hour/Villager Jim
Antler Shadows
Antler Shadows/Villager Jim
Autumn by Ladybower
Autumn by Ladybower/Villager Jim
Kung Fu Pheasant
Kung Fu Pheasant/Villager Jim
Autumn light
Bathed in gold/Villager Jim
A country drive
A country drive/Villager Jim
Hare in a field
I have my eye on you!/Villager Jim
Cows in a field
Safe with Mum/Villager Jim
Horse on the horizon
Horse on the horizon/Villager Jim


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