Five tasty campfire recipes to make with kids

Are you and your family headed off on a sunny camping trip this summer? These five easy and fun (if a little messy!) recipes are perfect to make with kids. 
3rd July 2017
Recipes: make tasty campfire food with kids


Classic s'mores

S'mores recipe
All-American, calorific and seriously delicious, s'mores are the ultimate camping treat. Find some long sticks and give them a clean, then give each camper a stick and a jumbo marshmallow. Roast the marshmallows over the fire until gooey, then sandwich between two cinnamon biscuits with a slice of milk chocolate. 
Safety bite: Pick long sticks for your marshmallows so little hands stay far from the flames.

Image via The Girl Outdoors

Campfire cones

Campfire cones

Get each child to fill an ice-cream waffle cone with mashmallows, chocolate chips and anything else they fancy - jam, berries, peanut butter, sliced banana, bits of a favourite chocolate bar... Wrap the cone in tinfoil and bury in the embers of the fire, then retrieve after 20 minutes - the inside will be melted and gooey.
Safety bite: Children should be able to make all of this on their own, with help from adults when placing and retrieving the cones on the fire. 

Image via The Wild Rambler


Cake in an orange

Camp cake in an orange

Who knew you could make a cake on a campfire? This cake-in-an-orange is a surprisingly easy showstopper of a pudding that children love to make. Bring along some thick-skinned oranges - cut them in half and scoop out all the pulp. Mix up some chocolate cake batter with water and fill each orange half to two-thirds full. Place on the embers of the fire and leave to cook for thirty minutes. 
Safety bite: Grown-ups should cut the oranges and put the cakes on the fire, little ones can mix up the batter and scoop out the oranges. 

Image via tablespoon on Pinterest


Veggie kebabs


Veggie kebabs

These are fun for kids to string onto sticks and a great way to get children to play with (and then eat!) vegetables. Cut up red peppers, mushrooms, halloumi, cherry tomatoes, courgettes, corn on the cob and anything else you can dream up. Give children skewers and let them create their perfect kebab. Brush with oil or honey and stick on the barbeque, turning regularly. 
Safety bite: Grown-ups should cut the veggies and make sure children are careful of the pointy ends of metal skewers.

Image via Getty


DIY burgers

DIY burgers
A very messy but fun afternoon project. Mix up mince, diced onion, a raw egg, herbs and spices in a bowl and shape into burgers. For secret surprise burgers you could pop a hunk of cheese inside each one, folding the meat around it. Then cook them up on the barbeque and, when ready let kids build their own dream burger - you could have slices of different cheeses, tomato, avocado, bacon and lots of difference sauces ready. 
Safety bite: This is best attempted at a campsite with decent facilities so that all burger-makers can wash their hands well after handling raw meat. 

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