We are 10! A very special issue to celebrate BBC Countryfile Magazine's tenth birthday

We are having a little celebration this issue – we are 10 years old!

26th September 2017
10th anniversary

BBC Countryfile Magazine was born in 2007, and ten years and 130 issues later, we are celebrating by asking Countryfile presenters and other friends of the magazine to write some very special articles. It's available in the shops now but here's an exclusive taster…

What is the history of BBC Countryfile Magazine?

BBC Countryfile Magazine was launched in the autumn of 2007 to tie in with the popular TV show Countryfile, which is now aired weekly on BBC One and produced by series producer Jo Brame and executive producer William Lyons. 

The magazine aims to inspire and educate and offers practical ideas for getting out and enjoying the countryside. It also includes columns and interviews with many of the Countryfile presenters, plus covers a broad range of countryside issues. In those far-off days, Countryfile itself was a still a Sunday morning TV show and was not the household name it is now – so launching the magazine was a big risk. We are all indebted to launch editor Cavan Scott and his team for their bravery and magazine craft. 

What can you expect from our 10th anniversary special issue?

To mark 10 years of BBC Countryfile Magazine, we've asked the Countryfile presenters and friends of the magazine to write about some of their favourite places in Britain and more...Here is a taster of what you can expect.

John Craven

John Craven – Llangollen Canal
John Craven with two of his grandsons as crew heads along the Llangollen Canal on the good ship Askrigg. Photo by Jason Ingram

Drift along Llangollen Canal and venture into the breathtaking Welsh landscape with John Craven and his crew

Although I’ve been fascinated by canals my entire life – having filmed on them, officially opened restored sections of them, presented waterways awards and been a vice-president of a canals trust – I’ve never actually been on a narrowboat holiday.”

“We agreed it had been far more than just a short holiday. The Llangollen Canal had given us an experience we’d never forget. Why on earth had I waited so long?

Want to know more about Countryfile's longest standing presenter? Here are 20 more facts you (probably) didn't know about John Craven 


Kate Humble

Kate Humble with Teg
Welsh sheepdog Teg knows the way home – and Kate follows. Photo by Drew Buckley

With her Welsh sheepdog Teg, Kate Humble explores the length of the Wye Valley, trekking from the river’s source to Tintern Abbey

“I’m planning to do it in nine days. Although my navigation skills aren’t brilliant. My husband said he’d be surprised if I was home within a month…”

Kate Humble tackles the River Wye with her dog Teg
Kate looks for a short cut… Photo by Drew Buckley

Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey on the Ridgeway
Bill Bailey tackles the Ridgeway in the company of fellow charity walkers.

Comedian Bill Bailey strides Britain’s ancient pathway... the Ridgeway from the Chilterns to Avebury

“Most guidebooks suggest you walk it west to east and keep the prevailing wind at your back. But I prefer to walk into the wind, as it blows my hair off my face and makes me look windswept and rugged. Or like a spaniel with its head out of the car window.”


Naomi Wilkinson

Naomi cycles the Camel Trail
Naomi cycles the Camel Trail in North Cornwall.

When it comes to getting away from it all, Naomi Wilkinson feels the lure of the sea strongly… and it draws her to the north coast of Cornwall

 “Cornwall. Just hearing the name makes me happy, evoking thoughts of breathtaking scenery, rugged coastlines, enticing surf, delicious ice-cream, salty hair, sandy toes and all the things I look for to reenergise and recuperate.” 


Matt Baker

Whitepark Bay, Antrim
Whitepark Bay on the Antrim Coast – part of a thrilling trip for Matt Baker. Getty Images/Trish Park

Matt Baker is blown away by the scenery and quirky individuality he discovers on Antrim’s Causeway Coast

“As we wound our way from harbour village to town, smiling at hamlets with inlets and mooring spots, I was surprised by the quirkiness and individuality of each stop.” 


Sean Fletcher

Sean Fletcher on the Gower
Sean Fletcher at a hidden Gower waterfall. Photo by Oliver Edwards

Is this the country’s best-kept secret? Tucked away on the underside of Wales, a wild coast glitters in all seasons. Sean Fletcherguides us around his favourite getaway

“Let me take you from wild woodlands  and historical haunts, to golden sand beaches and intriguing rock formations millions of years in the making. You’ll see that Penrhyn Gŵyr, as it’s known in Welsh, has plenty to offer visitors who enjoy a place of beauty that is as much about farming and wildlife as it is tourism.”


Steve Brown

Steve Brown on Isle of Sheppey
The Isle of Sheppey in Kent is a birders wonderland, as Steve Brown reveals

Despite its industrial surroundings, Kent’s Isle of Sheppey offers an intimate experience of rare wildlife that thrills Countryfile presenter Steve Brown and his nephews

“When we were kids my dad took me and my brothers out on trips across the island, birdwatching. Sheppey was a great place to grow up for that, and it still is.”

BBC Countryfile Magazine – 10 years old


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