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Seasonal Food
[29th of July 2014]

Amazing action-packed asparagus adventures! If you've ever wondered what an asparagus gets up to during the day, you need to see this time-lapse... 

British Food
[9th of July 2014]

It’s summertime, which can only mean one thing: an excuse to explore and indulge in the wonderful British pastime of ice cream scoffing. 

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Wild Food
[10th of June 2014]

Lacy white elderflower heads dot the emerald hedgerows of Britain at this time of the year, just calling for some deliciously refreshing elderflower cordial to be made. Follow our simple recipe and and be rewarded with an incredibly tasty and thirst-quenching drink!


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Seasonal Food
[21st of May 2014]

Ditch the meat for beet and celebrate National Vegetarian Week! Here is a round-up of some of the events happening around the country to raise awareness and celebrate all things veggie…

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[10th of May 2014]

May 14 marks the beginning of Be Nice to Nettles Week. Wandering around our countryside and gardens, we’ve all felt their furry wrath and promptly donned gloves and pulled them out of the ground. But there's a lot more to them than their initial sting...

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British Food, Folklore, Wild Food
[25th of March 2014]

Wild Garlic should just be coming in to bloom around Britain. Here we find out a bit more about these pungent plants.

Regional Food
[23rd of February 2014]

After hearing rumours of an extraordinary pasty native to the county of Bedfordshire, Clare Hargreaves decided to track it down

Sturt Pond, Milford-on-Sea ©Geograph
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[27th of January 2014]

A vibrant village with an enthusiastic community life, Milford-on-Sea is a hidden gem of the south coast.

British Food, Regional Food
[19th of December 2013]

Vanessa Berridge meets the people who are keeping the hop-growing tradition alive in the Garden of England

British Food, Seasonal Food
[4th of December 2013]

Today’s Christmas is a long bout of fun and indulgence. But in the countryside of earier times, it was harder, simpler and imbued with traditions believed to bring fertility and fortune in the year ahead, says Ruth Binney.

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British Food
[7th of November 2013]

Why not celebrate the good old banger with something a little different for British Sausage Week.

British Food, Regional Food
[17th of October 2013]

It’s national chocolate week this week, so why not celebrate with a few of these deliciously different suggestions? As if we need an excuse...