Top Five Starling Roosts

Avoid missing out on this year's stunning starling spectacle with Rosie Daniel's guide to the top five roosts

10th November 2010

Westhay National Nature Reserve, Somerset
This nature reserve is one of the best locations to view millions of starlings as they swirl and swoop across the landscape.

Gretna Green, Scotland
The sheer volume of birds at this roost means that the sky turns black as they fly overhead, a truly impressive sight.

Leighton Moss, Lancashire
Head to Leighton nature reserve and watch as starlings rise from the vast reed-beds and create magaical patterns in the sky.

Fen Drayton Lakes, Cambridgeshire
Nine thousand starlings begin their display at dusk over these beautiful lakes.

Aberystwyth Pier, Wales
Head to this small seaside town to watch an impressive starling display above the Pier.

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