Britain's wet weather set to affect Halloween celebrations

How Britain's wet summer weather is now set to affect halloween celebrations

10th October 2012

After one of the wettest summers in 100 years, the bad weather continues to affect crops, produce, and even Halloween celebrations.

Famers have declared that the recent weather has hindered the growth of pumpkins, leaving some producers with nearly half of their produce still green. Whilst other stocks have been completely destroyed by the bad weather.

The sheer amount of rain and lack of warmth now means that a large majority of pumpkins that should have been ripe in time for the run up to October 31st will not be making it into the shops for children to carve for Halloween decorations.

As a result, pumpkin prices may soar by as much as 20% due to the approximate 10 day delay harvests have recently faced.

However, pumpkins that did survive are likely to be much larger than usual due to the luxury of more nutrients in the ground. Farmers also say that the remaining green pumpkins will go into storage in the hope of rippening and hopefully turning orange before Halloween.

Pumpkin producers are now being warned to harvest their remaining crops soon, to avoid the predicted frosty weather that is to come. 

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