Iron Age treasure worth millions found in Jersey

 Two enthusiasts in Jersey have unearthed a hoard of Iron Age coins worth up to £10m.

28th June 2012

 Two enthusiasts in Jersey have unearthed a hoard of Roman and Iron Age coins worth up to £10m.

The pair had been searching for 30 years, after hearing rumours that a local farmer had found a collection of Roman and Celtic silver coins on his land.

Around 50,000 coins were discovered, weighing about three quarters of a tonne and each worth an estimated £100-200.

Environment Minister, Deputy Rob Duhamel, said that he wanted to protect the location of the find:

'Sites like these do need protection because there is speculation there might even be more.’

The finders worked closely with experts to help uncover the haul, and are now clarifying the legal ownership of the coins with the States of Jersey.

Look out for more treasures from across Roman Britain in our August issue Great Days Out section.

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