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The Tudor Arms is a large family-operated Free House just half a mile from the world famous Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. The building dates from the 18th century, and was a licensed beer and cider house for the Irish Navigator Soldiers who dug the Gloucester-Sharpness Canal by hand. We offer Bed and Breakfast accommodation in the Tudor Arms Lodge, adjacent to the pub. 12 spacious and comfortable bedrooms, all with en suite facilities.

Tel: 01453 890306

How to enter the Countryfile Photographic Competition

Last night’s episode of Countryfile saw the launch of the Countryfile Photographic competition. Here's everything you need to know to enter your images. 

What are the alternatives to HS2?

Recently, Countryfile investigated the issues surrounding the High Speed 2 (HS2) rail link that is proposed between London and Birmingham. Supporters of HS2 say that it will make journeys from London to Birmingham and the north of England far quicker while also adding much needed capacity to the rail network.


But there is huge opposition to HS2 for a variety of reasons but most centre on the cost, the noise and disruption to local communities along the route, and the impact on the countryside and its wildlife. In a recent poll on this website "Do you believe HS2 should be built?" 92 per cent of those who responded said "no".


However, demand for rail travel is growing – the National Audit Office estimates that 1.27 billion passenger journeys were made in 2008-09 compared to 0.74 billion in 1994-95 and this is only going to increase although current services are fully stretched "nearly half of all passengers arrive at London between 08:00 and 08:59 on services that are either full or over-crowded". The Office for Rail Regulation found that there were 600 million more passenger journeys in the UK in 2013 than in 2003.


In 2012, the All-Party Parliamentary Group for High Speed Rail found that demand for rail travel was increasing at 5-6% per year and the Dept of Transport has projected that by 2043, demand will be double that seen in 2008. The latter projection is disputed by some opponents of HS2.


So if demand for rail travel increases as expected, are there viable alternatives to HS2?


What do you think?



If you had to choose between fracking or wind turbines to produce energy in your area, which would you go for?

Fracking hit the headlines this week with Prime Minister David Cameron confirming his strong support for the process of extracting shale gas from deep underground. Fracking – hydraulic fracturing – uses high pressure water to fracture rocks to reach the gas within or beneath.


Supporters claim that the gas would meet many of our future energy needs while keeping our bills down. It would also reduce our dependence on supplies from other – sometimes turbulent – countries.


Opponents say that the drilling sites would blight the countryside – a charge levelled also at wind turbines. They also claim that fracking could pollute the natural environment including water supplies. Meanwhile, shale gas is a fossil fuel and its extraction and then burning would do nothing to prevent climate change – and may even make the situation worse.


So we wanted to gauge what our readers thought about fracking when compared with that other controversial source of future energy: wind turbines.


Advocates of wind turbines claim they produce renewable energy without emitting greenhouse gases while opponents argue that the turbines spoil the look of the countryside and say that they are inefficient.


If you had to make a choice, which would you go for?

How to buy the 2014 BBC Countryfile Calendar

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