Working Animals Compilation this week on Countryfile

Sean Fletcher is in Carmarthenshire in west Wales taking a look at working animals.

19th June 2017
bird of prey

He meets Dr Nick Fox, OBE, who is one of the world's leading experts on birds of prey. Nick breeds falcons and has a very special way of training them - using robots. Sean is shown round the workshop where these 'robofalcons' are made. These are precision engineered drones built to look like falcons which are used to train real live birds to hunt. Sean takes the remote controls and sees for himself just how realistic these decoy birds are. He also visits the breeding units and gets to handle fluffy little peregrine chicks. Elsewhere on the site Sean discovers that Nick has drafted in beavers to help manage his woodland. And there's a good chance Sean will be treated to the sight of some beaver kits.

Also in this programme we'll be going back through the Countryfile archives to look again at times when we've featured working animals.


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