Celebrate St David’s Day on Countryfile this Sunday

This week Countryfile is in Pembrokeshire to mark St David's Day.

Gloucestershire floods

Countryfile is in Pembrokeshire to mark St David’s Day. Matt Baker is in the heart of St David’s itself. With the help of the local community, he forages for food to make the traditional Welsh dish cawl.


Ellie Harrison is out at sea trying to spot a frequent and much-welcome visitor to these shores – the porpoise.

Anita Rani visits the most westerly farm in Wales and discovers the home of Farms for City Children, where kids can get their hands dirty learning the agricultural way of life, from feeding lambs to milking goats.

Adam Henson is in Scotland meeting a very important ram which sold for more than £152,000. But what makes him so special?


In many cases the packaging on processed food tells us where it was made, but not where the ingredients come from. Tom Heap looks at calls to change the law to provide more information about what’s in our food and finds out what that could mean to the people who make the products.