Countryfile Winter Special

Pull on your thermals, grab your gloves and join us for a walk on the wild side of winter. Matt visits Tom and Kay Hutchinson, currently in the grip of winter on their hill farm in Teesdale. 





As Matt helps out with the day-to-day tasks, he hears about Tom’s passion for farming and his never-ending ambition to breed the perfect sheep. They are a fascinating family whose lives caught the eye of a farmer’s daughter turned film director – making the Hutchinsons unlikely film stars in her documentary Addicted to Sheep.

Photo credit: BBC Copyright


Ellie is in Gloucestershire getting a bird’s-eye view of one of wildlife’s greatest wonders – winter migration. At Slimbridge Wetlands Centre she prepares dinner for more than 1,000 over-wintering birds! She also gets cheek to beak with some greylag geese in flight.

John is going for a wild woodland walk in Cumbria – with two hybrid wolves. John learns how they are perfectly adapted for winter with webbed feet and hollow fur fibres – like a polar bear. Far from the fairy-tale villains chasing anyone in a red hood, these are highly intelligent and social animals worthy of our respect.

Sean tries his hand at winter cod fishing off the wild North Yorkshire coast – though its him that takes a battering more than the cod.

And Adam’s on North Ronaldsay in Orkney, where their rare seaweed-eating sheep are under threat. Years ago he visited with his dad to help save the North Ronaldsay breed from extinction – but wild winter storms mean they have suffered further setbacks.