Find out more about cattle this week with Countryfile

Matt Baker, Anita Rani and Helen Skelton tell the story of cattle in this themed programme.


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Matt spends the day with young farmer Jack Stilwel, who got into farming after a crowdfunding camping on social media. Matt finds out what made him take the plunge and what the reality is for beef farmers in the 21st century.

Helen visits the last remaining traditional oak bark tannery in Britain, discovering the processes that go into producing high quality leather.

Anita meets botanical artist Gael Sellwood who paints on vellum. Anita finds out what makes vellum so good to paint on and picks up a paintbrush herself. Anita also finds out what’s behind the current craze for raw milk, meeting a young couple who can’t sell it fast enough, and asks if it is just a food fad or if there are health benefits to drinking it.

Many of Britain’s dairy farmers are struggling to make ends meet at the moment because of falling milk prices. So what can be done to help them back into profit? Charlotte Smith asks if large indoor dairy herds are a more efficient way of making money from milk and whether the British public would support them.