On Countryfile this Sunday: a One Man and His Dog special

This Sunday, for the first time, Countryfile is home to the BBC's One Man and His Dog competition, showcasing the time-honoured skills and traditions of sheep dog trialling. 

Farm Worker With Flock Of Sheep
This Sunday, for the first time, Countryfile is home to the BBC’s One Man and His Dog competition, showcasing the time-honoured skills and traditions of sheep dog trialling. Matt Baker takes to the commentary box to take us through all the trialling action, while Julia Bradbury finds out if the collie really is the brains in the operation. 
Those looking after sheep, often on open and sometimes difficult rural land need the assistance of one, two or even a team of well-trained sheepdogs. 
Competitions and demonstrations are regularly held, showcasing which breed lines produce the most able dogs – hence the name sheepdog trials. The dogs will move sheep around a field and obstacles such as fences, gates, or enclosures under the command of their handlers. Contests range from local events, to those on national scales, where competitors represent their ‘home’ nations of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
National trials are carried out over a 400-yard course with five sheep, containing the standard elements of outrun, lift, fetch, drive, shed, pen and single. The top fifteen competitors from each of the four National Trials go through to compete in the International Trial.
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