Sheep special on Countryfile this Sunday

In this programme, we look at all things sheep. Learn more about shearing, find out how mutton is getting put back on the foodie map and see how sheep milk is made into cheese. 

Gloucestershire floods

In this week’s programme, we look at all things sheep. Joe Crowley heads to the Yorkshire Dales to visit a traditional upland farm where the shearing is in full swing. He lends a hand and hears how on this farm they’ve found a niche market for their wool. Joe meets the hand-weaver who’s provided this niche market, and has a go at this long-forgotten art. He then heads to a dairy in Thirsk, where they are making their own version of feta cheese using ewe’s milk. Finally, Joe hits the streets to find out what people reckon to the taste of sheep milk, and asks why we don’t drink more of it. 


Anita heads to Hereford, where she meets the first-time farmers putting mutton back on the map. She discovers that, with the right approach and right preparation, mutton can be as high-end as good steak. She then heads for west Wales to meet the artisan felt worker making incredibly lifelike birds from wool that she either buys or forages for in the fields. 


Adam is in Cumbria to see the breaking up of the most famous herd of fell ponies in the country. Tom finds out why lamb prices are plummeting and what can be done to halt the slide.