Britain’s best dusk experiences

Now that longer days are upon us, make the most of your evening hours with our pick of the UK's best dusk activities to try this summer.

View of boats at moorings in the dusk at Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland.

Make the most of your evening hours with our pick of the UK’s best dusk activities to try this summer. 

Stunning sunset, Northumberland

Rock stack and forest (Getty)
Dove Crag in the Simonside Hills, Northumberland National Park (Getty)

Said to be Britain’s most beautiful sunset spot, Lindisfarne Castle and Holy Island are one of many treasures along the Northumbrian coast. Owned by the National Trust, the castle is a magical place from which to watch evening skies change over the water.


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Night Wildlife Safari, Somerset Levels

View from the Polden Hills, Somerset
A wonderful sunset over Dundon Hill with the Somerset Levels stretching out beyond ©Alamy

One for nature enthusiasts, this night safari is arranged to coincide with the longest day of the year. Starting at midday on the 23 June, it consists of 24 expert-led walks over 24 hours.   You can see foxes, owls, glow-worms and many other species of wildlife. Take a flask of strong coffee! Contact Chris Sperring at the Hawk and Owl Trust for further information.

Clock with leaves

Bat watching, Hertfordshire

Countrylane in chiltern hills at dawn, Hertfordshire/Buckinghamshire border, England, UK.

Associated with superstition for centuries, these elusive creatures emerge to hunt at dusk. The Lee Valley Bats group runs a number of evening walks throughout the summer season; each concentrates on supporting our native species and allows you to glimpse the bats’ nocturnal behaviour.

Evening puffin and shearwater watching boat trips, St Davids, Pembrokeshire

Puffins on rock
Spot puffins in Pembrokeshire/Credit: Getty

Why not while away the twilight hours watching seabird colonies on the glittering waves off the Pembrokeshire coast? Setting off from St Davids, the boat trips visit islands where puffins and shearwaters roost in their hundreds.