Britain’s best things to do in water

Find your inner Poseidon by venturing out onto the wet stuff this Easter. Liz Barrett reveals five very different ways to enjoy the water…


Take life at a more sedate pace by cruising along one of the many canal routes that traverse the UK; a perfect way to slow down time, people watch and take in your often scenic surroundings. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to sample many a waterway watering hole along the way. But note of caution: never operate a barge while under the influence.
Whitewater rafting
This is an exhilarating way to experience the true might of Mother Nature, and there are several locations offering up the thrill across the UK. Head to UK Rafting to find an adventure near you.
Open-water swimming
Swim as natured intended – no, not naked, although that might be an option at some locations (always check beforehand) – but in lakes, rivers and seas. It’s a great way to get fit and appreciate the countryside. And the best bit – there are no lane restrictions or slow swimmers getting in your way.
Learn to water ski
Taking your cue from the BBC’s Christine Bleakley – who recently crossed the Channel on a pair of skis in aid of Sport Relief – and take to the water on water skis. No, we don’t recommend a Calais-Dover trip, but something more localised, say at your nearest water sports centre. Head to British Water Skiing to find your nearest venue.
Learn to sail
Brush up your nautical terms and take to the surf for a trip on the ocean waves. And what better place to try it than in Dorset, which will play host to the sailing action at the Olympics in 2012.