One week left to nominate your unsung heroes

We’ve extended the deadline for the National Trust’s Octavia Hill Awards, in partnership with Countryfile Magazine, to 31 January. So you now have less than two weeks to send in your nominations.


Octavia Hill was one of the National Trust’s founders, a tireless social campaigner whose work has touched the lives of millions. To mark the centenary of her death in 1912, these new awards will celebrate individuals and groups who are championing green spaces, developing communities and inspiring a new generation to appreciate our countryside.


Each day this week, we’ll be looking in detail at one of the categories – talking to organisations about what they think the judges should be looking for and, hopefully, inspiring you to celebrate our countryside’s unsung heroes by nominating your friends, colleagues and mentors.


Today, we asked key figures and organisations what they thought made a growing hero… Click here to find out what they said.