Plan your journey on public transport

Plot your escape into the countryside with our list of essential public transport resources - plus inspiration on the most beautiful routes to take

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The Trainline


Plan your train route and find out how much the route costs. There’s also a free Smartphone app, which finds where you are using GPS technology and always knows your next train home.

Transport Direct

Plot your door-to-door journey by train, bus, plane, car, coach and foot.


Discover 13,000 miles of National Cycle Network. Use the website to plot your route, get involved in cycling challenges and download free cycling information. The new Complete National Cycle Network app for Smartphones find the routes near you and tips you off for points of interest nearby.

Centre for Alternative Technology

Use the website for inspiration for a zero carbon future and to download resources on low impact transport. Or visit the site in Machynlleth for interactive displays on environmentally responsible buildings, renewable energy generation, sustainability in the home, organic growing, composting and waste management.

Walk it

Plan your walk to work – then find out how many steps it took, how many calories you burnt and how much CO2 you saved by leaving the car at home.


Find a car sharing scheme or a car club near you. There’s also simple tips on to drive in a more environmentally-friendly way.


The ultimate guide to travelling by train and ferry in the UK and around the world


Between 8am-8pm everyday, you can call 0871 200 2233 for public transport advice, text a bus code to 84268 to find out the next three buses due at the stop, or use the website to look up bus services and plan your journey.

Top 10 exciting public transport routes

Trundling through the Trossachs on a bus, taking a vintage tram through the Axe Valley and ambling up the River Dart by ferry – we reveal Britain’s most scenic journeys by public transport.

Great journeys by train


Rail is the most enchanting and relaxing way to discover the countryside, says expert Paul Atterbury, as he reveals his 10 favourite rural routes in the UK