This week’s rural TV and radio

We've rounded the best in rural telly for you to enjoy this week.

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With the help of our friends at the Radio Times, we take a look at the best rural programmes on TV and radio over the next seven days.


Friday 18 July

A Guide to Garden Wildlife

BBC Radio 4 FM 1:45pm

Naturalist Phil Gates and Brett Westwood reveal the variety of wildlife living under stones and within garden walls. They are joined by sound recordist Chris Watson and discover wolf and zebra spiders and black ants.

The Village That’s Falling into the Sea

BBC One 7:30pm

This programme looks at the perils and stresses of living on the British east coast following the nightmare of December 5th last year. A winter storm and the biggest tidal surge in 60 years combined to create a horror of water and power that destroyed businesses and homes, including those in Newcastle and Whitby.

Six months on, BBC presenter David Whiteley returns to Hemsby to talk to residents about life after the storm.

Saturday 19 July

The Hungry Sailors 

ITV 9:25am

Dick and James Strawbridge explore Newquay in Cornwall. They try their hand at surfing, fish for sea bass and cook a feast on the beach.

Hive Alive

BBC Two 4:25pm

This two part documentary sees broadcaster and beekeeper Martha Kearney and Chris Packham reveal the secrets of a bee hive in Somerset. The pair explore the hidden depths of these insects, including the thousands of miles bees can fly in search of honey, and look at special slow-motion footage which reveals the incredible power of bees wings.

Sunday 20 July

Gardeners’ Question Time

BBC Radio 4 FM 3pm

Peter Gibbs is in the Gardeners’ Question Time potting shed at Sparsholt College in Hampshire, where he is joined by panellists raring to tackle listeners’ questions by post, social media and email.


BBC 1 6pm

John Craven celebrates 25 years on the programme. In honour of the occasion, the rest of the team looks back on John’s favourite moments. Matt Baker tours the stunning countryside in a classic sports car, one of John’s favourite pastimes, and Ellie Harrison discusses endangered wildlife in the UK, a cause close to John’s heart.

Monday 21 July

Plants: From to Roots to Riches

BBC Radio 4 FM 1:45pm

In this series, Kathy Willis explores how changing social, economic and scientific preoccupations have influenced people’s attitudes to plants in the last 250 years.

The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour of Britain

BBC Two 3:30pm

Dave Myers and Si King create native dish Haggis for the locals in Dumfries and Galloway. They also have a go at bee-keeping and hunt for award-winning mutton.

Tuesday 22 July

Natural World

BBC Two 4:15pm 

This documentary gives an insight into the lives of chimpanzees in Uganda’s Kyambura Gorge. The alpha male tries to take control of the family in their daily struggle to survive.

Love Your Garden

ITV 8pm

Alan Titchmarsh is in Devon this week where he and his team work hard to transform the garden belonging to Tamsyn and Alex Wood into a coastal haven.

Wednesday 23 July

Animal Park

BBC Two 12pm

Ben Fogle and Kate Humble use night-vision cameras to capture a moonlit feast in the wolf wood. Meanwhile, Lord Bath looks back on his family tree and finds murder, adultery and ghosts in his ancestral path.

Into the Abyss

BBC Radio 4 FM 9pm

Rebeca Morelle considers whether mining the deep oceans is the answer to meet the growing demands of precious metals. 

Thursday 24 July

Animal SOS

BBC Two 11am

Inspector Vicki MacDonald is taken aback to find a bearded dragon in a back garden in Manchester and a Labrador suffering from fur loss gets the treatment it needs. 

RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

BBC Two 7pm

Monty Don presents the first of two visits to Tatton Park in Cheshire for the horticultural event. He is joined by Gardeners’ World colleagues Carol Klein and Joe Swift.  They explore the flower bed displays and pavilion.

Friday 25th July

Gardeners’ World

BBC Two 8:30pm

Monty Don gives tips on how best to improve your garden, including pruning trees and improving soil and seed collections. Joe Swift meets Roger Saul, founder of the Mulberry fashion company, whose Somerset garden is a classic designer’s dream.

Gardeners’ Question Time

BBC Radio 4 FM 3pm


This week the panel are at Chester Zoo in Cheshire, ready to answer queries from the audience, by post and email.