Treat yourself for British Sausage Week

Why not celebrate the good old banger with something a little different for British Sausage Week.

Gloucestershire floods

WIth quite perfect timing as the temperatures drop and the darkness dominates our evenings, it’s British Sausage Week this week. The humble  banger is perfect warming winter food, and is worth celebrating. So why not use this collection of recipes, suppliers and courses to get going. 


Whether forked sizzling from the pan for breakfast, stewed with lentils in soup, baked in a pie, rolled in pastry or plonked on fluffy mash, sausages have served as the centre of a day’s meal for hundreds of years. Incredibly, records of sausage production actually stretch back 5,000 years. In all that time, traditional recipes have changed little and around five million of us scoff them down every day. 

Britain’s best
There aren’t very many places in the country where you can sup a pint and stock up on groceries at the same time, and there’s only one where you can do that and get sausages from Britain’s best sausage maker. The Woolpack Inn in Chichester, home to O’Hagan’s sausages, will be happy to serve you all three.
There are a range of unusual stuffings including creole jazz, smoky ale and cheese, and the drunken duck with plenty of traditional pork recipes and sausages made from beef, chicken and game. If you can put it in a sausage you can bet that O’Hagan’s have and not only that but they’ve made it delicious too.
Laggis, neeps and tatties
In the verdant countryside near the River Lune, the Red Well Inn and its smokehouse rustle up award winning cured meats daily. Their traditional Cumberland sausage is seasoned with mace, nutmeg and pepper, and they have created their own award-winning haggis sausage: the hand-tied laggis.
Seasonal sausages
Because of the breeding season, the venison at Millbank is only available between August and April so now is a great time to try their award-winning sausages. The meat’s stronger flavour lends itself wonderfully to a lunchtime sandwich on warm crusty bread. Alternatively, try their recipe for sausages braised in red wine
Scotland’s number one independent takeaway fish and chip shop
Famous for their battered fish, the most northerly chippie in the UK also serves up traditional Shetland saucermeat rolls. Best eaten on the shore with the sea wind blowing and a hot cup of tea in hand.
Make your own
Given good cuts of meat, the right equipment and a classic, well-tasted recipe you might think that anyone could make a good sausage. Huntstile Organic Farm provide all of the above as well as know-how on flavour and technique. Go along to one of their sausage-making sessions, learn how it’s done and sample your own creations at the end of the day. You can spend the night too in their 14th century farmhouse before a roam around the beautiful Quantocks the next morning.