Visit Chagford: Places to stay, things to do

Looking for a base from which to explore the wild beauty of Dartmoor? Nick Peers profiles this charming little Dartmoor town


Why go there?
Head into the north-eastern part of Dartmoor and you’ll find Chagford nestled in the Teign Valley. It’s in a favoured spot – evidence of settlement here goes back 4,000 years, and the current town was one of only four Stannary towns, chartered in 1305, making it a centre for the local tin mining trade.
There are three notable landmarks in the town: the pepper-pot market house that dominates the town’s square, Endecott House, which dates back to the 16th century, and the parish church of St Michael, with its 15th century tower.
Local attractions include Stone Lane Gardens, a five-acre arboretum, plus Castle Drogo, which was the last castle to be built in England and is perched above the Teign Gorge, affording fine views over Dartmoor.
If you’re looking for adventure, check out Dartmoor Spirit, which provides everything from weekend navigation courses to guided tours of local attractions.


Where to stay
The Globe Inn is situated close to the Square, putting you right in the centre of the action. Seven rooms after available, with prices starting at £75 per night (but most will cost £90 per night), which includes breakfast and en suite. The pub also serves lunch and dinner if the prices at Gidleigh Park are too steep.

Where to eat
At a minimum of £300 stay the night, Gidleigh Park, set in a luxurious and secluded location just outside Chagford, is not cheap. But if finances permit, why not treat yourself to a meal at Michael Caines’ restaurant, which has two Michelin stars next to its name? £95 per person for the a la carte menu might be pushing it, but £33 for two courses from the lunch menu might be more tempting.

Tell us a local secret
Endecott House was only given its present name in the 1990s, in honour of one of the Pilgrim Fathers. John Endecott lived in Chagford prior to leaving for the New World, where he became governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.



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