Top 10 apps for farmers

A list of the best farming apps as compiled by Kate Patten. Stay in touch with the latest technology in farming resources and support. 

Close Up of a Dorset Ram

1. New Holland Farming Weather 

FREE – Android/iPhone


The essential tool for weather forecast, designed specifically for agriculture. Daily updates on weather, humidity, wind and many more to help you plan ahead.

2. Farming Simulator 14 

£1.90/ £1.99 – Android/iPhone

Without a doubt the most realistic farming game on the market. Plant, mow, drive, sell and more on your own virtual farm in machinery and tractors exactly like the real models. With 3D graphics and multiplayer feature its an authentic experience.

3. Stockmove Express

FREE- Android (for extra content £50 per year or £25 for existing Sheerwell customers)

Register movements of sheep and cattle, births, deaths and tag replacement. An app designed to save time, it can be used offline to record the data and then simply synched with NLMD-LT which can then notify the relevant statutory body.

4. Plant Diagnostic Sample Submission

FREE- iPhone

Ideal for farmers, gardeners or anyone with a plant problem. Simply submit a digital photograph, taken on your phone and send it of on the app for diagnosis or identification. It’s that simple.

5. Connected Farm Scout

FREE- Android/ iPhone

Manage your land with this handy app and keep track of field management. Map areas, flags and field boundaries with the GPS system; log scouting attributes and geo-reference images of pests weeds or diseases.

6. Firestone Tyre Pressure Check

FREE- Android/ iPhone

Improve efficiency, crop yields and tyre life. The app can accurately calculate the optimum tyre pressure required for the load and speed of the operation.

7. Ross

FREE- Android/iPhone

Poultry Farmers, look no further! In one simple app you can reference your poultry flock performance, efficiency and calculate EPEF results. Its simple to use and can save you hours of day to day appraisals.

8. Bayer Pest Spotter

FREE- Android/iPhone

Another free app for keen crop growers and arable farmers. This handy little app will help you identify and eliminate pesky bugs that have taken up residence on your greenery. With a catalogue of over 70 common British pests you are sure to find your answer.

9. Nadis Vet

FREE- Android/ iPhone

Invaluable to anyone with livestock. The National Animal Disease Information Service has created an app with a full library of animal diseases, parasites, cures and prevention, developed to aid in early diagnosis.

10. Farmers Guide

FREE – Android/ iPhone


Stay in touch with farming news, with this monthly national magazine now available on your phone. Browse up to the minute farming articles and advertisements.