Stay well, stay home: A message from BBC Countryfile Magazine

It is now time to put the outdoors on hold and follow Government advice on travel, social distancing and personal hygiene. Here is a message from BBC Countryfile Magazine editor Fergus Collins

Published: March 23rd, 2020 at 4:37 pm
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We will keep updating this page: 23rd March 2020


The Coronovirus crisis is completely changing our lives in almost every aspect. For those of us who love the outdoors, visits to the countryside, walking in beautiful places and holidaying in the wild outdoors are no longer possible for everyone – and our ability to travel and explore may be curtailed as the authorities try to limit the spread of the disease.

We at BBC Countryfile Magazine have always shared great walks and holiday destinations with readers and website visitors – it’s a key part of our mission. But we cannot do that for now – it would be irresponsible. We ask all readers and web visitors to adhere strictly to Government advice on travel, social distancing and personal hygiene.

Fresh air and exercise are going to be vital for our physical and mental health as more and more of us are working from home, home schooling our children and facing a lockdown on movement. We all have to be responsible, think about others and follow expert advice.

There are some basic rules we can all follow:

  1. Make only journeys only for essential supplies.
  2. We are now only allowed out of our properties for exercise once a day.
  3. Practise social distancing at all times – be at least 2m from every person you meet on a walk
  4. Avoid touching stiles and gates if you can.
  5. Thoroughly wash your hands before and after each walk

Visit the BBC News website for the latest information.

We do not recommend moving to the countryside to ‘escape coronovirus’ – this puts huge pressure on local resources, particularly the rural NHS, which may become overwhelmed with extra visitor numbers.

As for BBC Countryfile Magazine, our website and our Podcast, we will still be bringing brilliant stories from the countryside to you so that you can get your fix of the green outdoors even if you can’t physically be there.

We’ll also be bringing you lots of fantastic advice on how to make the most of the next few months, from brilliant countryside tv and radio to enjoy to rural crafts to try, great recipes and the amazing wildlife you can spot from your own home.

We’d also love to hear your stories and see your photographs: please email or you can post on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

So don’t despair – the countryside can still provide the beauty and solace we all need and, hopefully, we’ll all be able to enjoy it to the full before too long.


For now, stay well and keep in touch.


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