Are children wrapped up in cotton wool these days?

The National Trust believes that children are suffering from 'Nature Deficit Disorder', and want to tackle the problem


According to the National Trust, there is evidence of a long-term decline in children’s relationship with the outdoors.


In his Natural Childhood report, naturalist, author and TV producer Stephen Moss has expressed concern about how our current generation of children is losing touch with the natural world:

“We all know the benefits being outdoors can bring, and as parents we want our children to spend more time outdoors than they do.

“But despite this overwhelming evidence and the different initiatives and schemes run by organisations across the UK, our kids are spending less and less time in the outdoors.

“Organisations that have an interest in this area, whether working in our towns and cities or in the countryside, have to connect what they are doing and commit to a long-term approach that really makes a difference.”


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