Coming up on this week’s Countryfile – Sunday 1 November

Matt Baker and Jules Hudson head to Northumberland to discover a surprising link to the gunpowder plot - Sunday, 7.00pm on BBC One

Julia and Matt travel to the far north of England where they learn about local traditional foods, and visit the home of one of the members of the Gunpowder Plot.
The population of lobsters around the north east coast of England has been thriving in recent years. Julia joins some Northumberland fishermen on a trip and finds out why local conservation work is thought to be responsible for their increasing numbers.
The fishing village of Craster is found halfway down the Northumberland Heritage Coast and a generation ago was a thriving herring fishing port. Today there are no herring fishermen left in the north east, yet Craster is still world famous for its production of kippers – which are smoked herring. Matt finds out how to make the perfect kipper, and discovers why all the herring must now be imported.
Autumn is the time when honey bees can finally relax, but the work begins for the bee keepers. Julia lends a hand at a honey farm as they move nearly two thousand hives from the high heather moorlands of the Cheviot Hills to their winter accommodation, and finds out why bee keeping is not as easy as it looks.
Chillingham Cattle
The Chillingham cattle are said to be the only survivors of the wild herds which once roamed freely through the forests of Great Britain. Julia is taken on a special tour to meet the remaining ninety animals on parkland at Chillingham Castle, which has been their home since the 13th Century.
Gunpowder Plot
Alnwick Castle may now be best known as one of the locations for the Harry Potter series of films, but at this time of year it is also remembered for the role it played in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. At the time it was the home of Sir Thomas Percy, one of the five principle conspirators of the plot to blow up Parliament.  Matt pays a visit to find out more.
After learning about the origins of Bonfire Night, Matt travels down the coast to Hauxley Nature Reserve where Steve Lowe of the Northumberland Wildlife Trust demonstrates how to avoid harming wildlife when lighting a bonfire.
Autumn colour
At this time of year the landscape is being transformed, as all around us trees are exploding into autumn colour. Plant expert James Wong has been to the National Arboretum at Westonbirt in Gloucestershire to find out just how Nature creates this glorious display. 
John Craven Investigates: Fox hunting
This week fox hunts all over the country are gathering for the start of the new season. With a general election looming, they’re hoping this will be the last year that hunting with hounds is banned.  But if there’s no change of government and the Act still stands, there’ll be mounting discontent – both among the hunting fraternity and among those urging better enforcement of the law. 
Adam’s farm
This week Adam travels to Devon to collect some of the rarest sheep in the country. If this tiny flock of Whitefaced Dartmoors were to be wiped out by a disease – such as foot and mouth – the breed would become extinct. So by taking sixteen of them back to his Cotswold farm he is doing his bit to ensure their survival.