Farmers protest over milk prices

Dairy farmers form blockades at milk processing plants


Hundreds of dairy farmers are protesting at milk processing plants around the country to campaign against the price they receive for their products. Processors have cut up to 2p a litre off prices.
Farmers have lined up their tractors at the Robert Wiseman Dairy processing plant near Bridgwater in Somerset, while others have staged protests at the Arla plants in Leeds and Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire.
The group behind the protests, Farmers for Action (FFA), warns that dairy farmers will be forced out of business by the price cuts.
The FFA’s Stephen Britten, at the Arla plant in Leeds, claimed the supermarkets must pay more for milk. He told the BBC: “It has to come out of their profit and not from the consumers.”
Arla Foods said reducing the milk price was “always the last resort” but it had “literally exhausted all other options.” The Robert Wiseman Dairy said it could not pay the price the farmers were asking for.
Robert Wiseman Dairies and First Milk have both cut the price by 1.7p per litre, Dairy Crest by 1.65p per litre and Arla Foods UK by 2p per litre. They say they have had to reduce the price because the price of cream on the commodities market has plummeted in the past year.
FFA has said that the protests will continue and its members may withhold milk from suppliers.