Have your say in the National Rural Crime Network survey

The biggest ever survey into policing and crime in rural areas will be launched by the National Rural Crime Network to help countryside residents make their voices heard. 

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The largest ever survey into crime and anti-social Behaviour (ASB) in rural areas has been launched in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to find out how the police can better serve rural communities. The survey, launched by the National Rural Crime Network (NRCN), is calling for people who work or live in rural areas to come forward and give their views on policing in their community, the impact crime and ASB has on them and their neighbours and to ultimately help shape the future of crime prevention and rural policing.


Anyone living or working in rural areas is being encouraged to take part in the survey to help build a picture of what is a widespread but often misunderstood issue.  

Any crime that happens in an urban area can, and does, happen in rural areas too, and how policing is delivered affects everyone living and working there.  Traditional farm-related incidents such as fuel theft and sheep rustling make up just one part of the problem; the survey aims to understand other issues that affect people in our remoter areas, as well as in market towns, villages and the countryside in general. 

Chair of the NRCN, Julia Mulligan, commented: “The full scale of crime in rural areas has never before been assessed. Whilst official figures show rural crime, like crime in general, is decreasing, we are concerned about the wider implications on people and communities. The fear of crime can be as detrimental to people’s wellbeing as crimes themselves, so we are keen to find out more through this survey. The survey is an important step towards delivering a better service to communities and making the countryside a safer place to live and work.”


The survey will be open until Wednesday 24 June. To complete the survey, visit www.nationalruralcrimenetwork.net/survey to have your say.