National Trust reaches four million members

The National Trust has announced that they have now reached, and overstepped, the four million member mark.


This fast growing charity has been around for 116 years, and is now looking after over 300 historic houses, 250,000 hectares of land and 700 miles of coastline. They have collected such a vast number of houses and plots of land that, in England, you are never more than 40 minutes from a National Trust site.


Throughout the years, the National Trust have found that many different types of people are joining the charity, some use the houses and grounds for educational purposes, and some purely for pleasure.

“Whether its a love for their local place, a passion for anything from surfing to fine art, or simply the joy of spending family time together – there’s clearly a growing hunger for what we have to offer,” said Fiona Reynolds, Director General at the National Trust.

When the trust was founded in 1895, there were 100 members with an annual subscription of 10 shillings, and in 86 years the trust had reached one million members. Over time this continual increase in numbers has meant that the last financial year has provided the charity with over £120 million. This money has been injected back into thousands of National Trust projects throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Fiona Reynolds added: “We owe a massive thank you to our members. Their support helps fund the vital conservation work.”