Night lighting Stonehenge debate

A new debate rages about Stonehenge over the lighting of this ancient monument.



A debate has opened up on the letters pages of The Times over whether or not Stonehenge should be lit up in the evening.


Lady Mimi Pakenham of Warminster, Wiltshire, started the controversial debate by suggesting that the monument be lit up at night.  

She said on Radio 4’s Today Programme: “Subtle lighting could be introduced on a trial basis and be flexible when the lights are on, it depends on the lighting director. It is a wonderful way to educate people who drive past but don’t visit”.

Clive Ruggles, a Professor of Archeoastronomy at Leicester University disagrees. He argues that Stonehenge has “an ancient connection to the sky and needs to be as dark as possible as part of the experience”.

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