Plant a tree for the Jubilee

Get involved with the Woodland Trust's events that will see one million trees planted this month


Planting events are getting underway this month as the Woodland Trust strives to plant one million trees to mark the beginning of the 60th anniversary of The Queen’s accession to the throne.


Community groups, schools and individuals are all invited to get involved with the events this February. Making the most of the moist ground of the winter months, these trees will make up a significant part of the target to plant six million trees by the end of the year. Whether planting a single tree in your back garden, joining in a local community event or helping to create one of the 60 Diamond woods, your name will be recorded as part of the legacy.

TV presenter Kate Humble has been announced as one of the supporters of the project. This month, with the help of 21 volunteers, she will plant 840 trees at her farm in the Wye Valley to create a 200m hedge.


To find out more about tree planting events near you and how you can make a contribution, visit