Squirrel found nesting in sheep’s fleece

A Suffolk sheep was found with a baby squirrel “nesting” in its fleece earlier this week, much to the surprise of its owner.


A Suffolk sheep was found with a baby squirrel “nesting” in its fleece on Wednesday, much to the surprise of its owner. 


Liz Dilworth, a primary school teacher in Stratford St Mary, said she found the squirrel when she was checking the collar of her sheep Max, a Hebridean.

Mrs Dilworth told the East Anglian Daily Times, “I was looking over the fence and saw this thing moving across Max’s neck.

“I thought it was a rat at first, but I put gloves on and picked it up and could not believe it.

“A Hebridean’s coat is really thick and she could only have got in through his neck when he bent down to graze and the wool came apart.

“I don’t think Max was aware it was there, but if he was he didn’t seem to mind.

“It was very cute and I’m told she is about eight weeks old, too young to fend for herself.

“It must have been the warmest place she could find.

“Who knows, maybe there are sheep all over the place with baby squirrels nesting in their wool.”

The sleepy young squirrel was taken to nearby rescue centre, Wildlive, near Colchester.

Centre owner Rosie Catford said, “We’ve heard of young ‘kits’ running up people’s trouser legs when they’ve been out walking, but this is a new one on us.

“This squirrel is doing well at our centre and is in with 11 others.”


Wildlives said it would look after the new arrival for up to three months before releasing it into the wild.