Star Count Week 2012

Public urged to count the stars this week to help monitor light pollution


The Campaign to Protect Rural England  and the British Astronomical Association Campaign for Dark Skies are encouraging the public to help them map light pollution by taking part in the 2012 Star Count Week, between Friday 20 January and Friday 27 January. 
Rural campaigners and astronomers are looking to recruit amateur stargazers because of the range of negative impacts that light pollution produces, including the disruption of wildlife, the character of the countryside and sleeping pattens.


The public are being asked to count the number of stars they can see within the constellation of Orion. The results from this will help create a 2012 Star Count Map, showing how light pollution is affecting the UK’s skies at night. From the previous survey in January 2011, it showed that only eight per cent of participants could see more then 20 stars and just one per cent of people had truly dark skies, seeing 30 or more stars.

If you would like to take part Star Count Week 2012, just head to the website to find out more.