The badger cull round up: Day two

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A second night of badger culling took place in Somerset yesterday as Gloucestershire is thought to begin its cull next week. Meanwhile, farmers in Wales are looking on with great interest to see if the cull has any positive impact on the spread of bovine tuberculosis (bTB) in cattle, as they contemplaint putting pressure on the Welsh government to follow suit.


With governement backing, farmers have hired trained marksmen to shoot badgers in a bid to control the spread of bTB in the cattle and badger populations. Both Somerset and Gloucestershire are two recognised hotspots of the disease.

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BBC News: Somerset badger protest campers target Crown Estate

Anti-badger cull protesters who set up ‘Camp Badger’ on private land have been asked to leave by the landowner. It is now thought that the camp could be moved to land owned by the Crown, as more protesters are expected to arrive in the area over the coming days.

BBC News: Farmers could push for badger cull in Wales

A group of Welsh farmers say they will push for a badger cull to take place in their area, should the pilots in Somerset and Gloucestershire prove successfull.

The Daily Mirror: Badger lovers up in arms after Environment Secretary warns a cull might take 25 years

Owen Paterson has warned that it may take up to 25 years to eradicate bTB in cattle.

The Belfast Telegraph: Badger cull – is Northern Ireland’s way better?

Northern Irish authorities have said they have no intention of introducing a badger cull in the country but instead aim to launch a badger control scheme for infected badgers in 2014.

BBC Radio 4: Badger cull


The Farming Today programme asks if the badger cull can be carried out humanely, safely and effectively. Also, the practicalities of shooting badgers on such a big scale is put to the marksmen who are tasked with carrying out the cull.