The Best Places to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Want to go beyond the black stuff and celebrate St. Patrick in style? Here are some of the best St. Patrick locations in the Emerald Isle.


Nendrum Monastry, Lisbane, Northern Ireland

Cross over bridges to this idyllic island and wander among the ruins of this pre-Norman monastery; founded with St. Patrick’s blessing. The Lough in which it stands is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Admission is free, and there is no better spot for reflection.

Galway, Western Ireland

Arguably Ireland’s food capitol, Galway comes to life during the St. Patrick celebrations. Numerous restaurants offer locally sourced, traditional fare for this annual feast day; and there are lively pubs in which to enjoy the revelry. For enigmatic scenery, a trip to the nearby Aran isles is a must.

The Bushmills Distillery, Country Antrim, Northern Ireland

For a taste of 400 years of Irish spirit, visit The Bushmills Whiskey Distillery. You can ride the Bushmills Railway to the famous Giant’s Causeway; a remarkable geological feature that will enthral the whole family.

Croagh Patrick, County Mayo, North West Ireland

According to legend, it was at the summit of this mountain that St. Patrick drove Ireland’s snakes into the sea. A place of pilgrimage for many, it is a challenging climb offering breathtaking views over Irish waters. sp;

Downpatrick, Northern Ireland

Downpatrick hosts a week-long St. Patrick’s celebration- the largest in Ireland outside Dublin. St. Patrick’s bones rest in the grounds of Down Cathedral and the town has a centre which is dedicated to his life and work.