Tree avenues to be surveyed on National Trust Land

A survey by the National Trust is to reveal the condition and stories behind the tree avenues cared for by the charity.


A three year survey by the National trust is to reveal the condition and stories behind an estimated 500 tree avenues on National Trust land. More than 20,000 individual trees, covering ground equivalent to the size of 500 football pitches, are to be surveyed for the project.


The survey is the first of its kind world-wide and the result will enable the Trust to better prioritise funding, as well as bringing together fascinating stories behind the avenues. Tree avenues were historically planted to frame a particular view and they are now recognised to be an important habitat for fungi, beetles, bats and forming natural wildlife corridors.

“A tree avenue is a natural picture frame. There is nothing quite like walking along one as a magnificent building or spectacular landscape comes into view and the image is captured in your minds eye,” said Brian Muelaner, National Trust Ancient Tree Advisor.
“This new survey will give us the opportunity to understand more about these spectacular natural monuments.”


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