Video: The Life Of An English Oak

Watch this beautiful film of an English Oak tree, filmed over 12 months and across four seasons in a field in rural Somerset by filmmaker Paul Stevenson


Filmed from January 2016 to January 2017, videographer Paul Stevenson, said: “I moved to Wedmore, Somerset from north Bristol 18 months ago and within a couple of weeks, spotted a tree which perfectly fitted for an idea I’d been wanting to film for a few years. It’s amazing how radical changes can be such a trigger for creativity.”


Tree233 – The Life Of An English Oak from visualhybrid on Vimeo.

Music composer, sound designer, Thom Thomas-Watkins, said: “In collaboration with Filmmaker Paul Stevenson – we’ve followed the life of a lone english oak tree in a field in Somerset through the four season and woven a tale of colour, temperature and texture. Hopefully a refreshing change to the usual nature documentary format.

“It’s named T233 as it is said to be the frequency (in Hz) of the lifeforce of a tree. Ancient bells are tuned to this frequency and it’s also the 13th number in the Fibonacci sequence. The film is 233 seconds long and the piece is written in C minor (which is also considered the frequency of life) and introduces the note of A# (233Hz) in Spring.  It’s written so it can loop continuously but unfortunately online media doesn’t allow seamless video looping.”

Images: Paul Stevenson