Find your edible churchscape

Training day on 29 October (National Apple Day) at the historic church of St Martin’s at Preston Gubbals

Apples on a tree - ashmead's kernel variety
The Churches Conservation Trust (CCT) are a national charity that aim to help historic churches at risk, they have come up with the idea of familiarising communities with their local churches and realising their potential.
The aim is to use the land surrounding the churches, and the churchyards themselves, that are no longer used for religious practice and hold activity days and educational games for both children and adults.
The first of these churches to have the spotlight on it is the historic church of St Martin’s at Preston Gubbals, there will be a training day held there on the 29 October, which just so happens to be National Apple Day. The activities held on this day include cider making, and a fungi and moth survey.

This project will run for a year as a pilot, and it is hoped that in time other churches will be able to carry on the work of creating a more rounded habitat for the local wildlife and the community.

Robert Milton, Development Officer of The Churches Conservation Trust, said: “The Churches Conservation Trust’s Edible Churchyard Scheme will help people both appreciate the biodiversity value of redundant churchyards and explore their potential for local food production and as community focal points, creating a lasting legacy for wildlife and people in a way which remains sensitive to the sacred nature of these spaces. Ultimately we want local communities to take ownership and pride in these important communal spaces.’