Heligan ‘Mouse-Cam’ proves to be an online hit

The new 'Mouse-Cam' webcam on the Lost Gardens of Heligan wildlife website has proved to be a hit, causing website traffic to double.


The introduction of a ‘Mouse-Cam’ to the Lost Gardens of Heligan wildlife website has doubled the number of daily visits to the site. Heliganwild.com has introduced live webcams streaming the antics of a pair of Wood Mice who have made home in Heligan’s Barn Owl Tower.


There are currently no Barn Owls in residence – who would pose a serious threat to the mice – but the webcams followed the behaviour of a family of Barn Owls earlier in the year, capturing them courting and raising their young.

The Heligan websites seeks to compliment and enrich the wildlife experience which visitors get by visiting the hub for Heligan Wild in the Lost Gardens of Heligan – Horsemoor Hide. Visitors to the website receive wildlife news, videos and events and the chance to stay up to date with all the work of the Heligan Wildlife Team.

“Heliganwild.com gives people a front row seat on Cornish nature in all its spectacular diversity –  live” said Heligan MD, Peter Stafford. “For the autumn our teams have moved the cameras underground to show life for a mouse. It’s perhaps not the wisest place for the creatures to make their home but it makes for fascinating viewing.”

You can see a short clip of the Heligan ‘Mouse-Cam’ here.


For more information see www.heliganwild.com.