Spend a blissful, calming day by the river with a Somerset artist

Enjoy a gentle conversation about our relationship with nature and rivers in the company of Somerset artist Lucy Pendrick in episode 3, season 8 of the Countryfile Magazine podcast

Kingfisher by Somerset artist Lucy Pendrick

Lucy Pendrick is an artist and nature lover who is a keen listener to the Countryfile Plodcast. In this episode, she takes us to her local river to explore how nature’s calming power – especially moving water – can bring peace and mental clarity to our lives. She also reveals how she finds inspiration for her art in her wild surroundings.


A delightful, personal and uplifting podcast – and you can see her work at Whispers of the Wild. Plus listen on for how you can send in your own audio recordings to feature in future Countryfile Plodcasts.


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