Birds fly over an inlet, with low warm sunlight and clouds
The Countryfile calendar competition is open!

This year's contest includes two new children's categories for budding nature photographers

Things to see in June

Wildlife to spot, places to visit and plants to forage for this month

Goshwak in flight
Goshawk guide: where to see them in the UK

Discover everything there is to know about this incredible bird of prey, including what it eats, how big it is, and how to identify it.


The latest environment and wildlife news

Vote in the annual Park Protector Awards, which celebrates the wonderful work of volunteers who look after national parks in England and Wales

As new outbreaks continue to be reported, top scientists collaborate on a new project to understand and contain the spread of avian influenza

A so-called ‘northern stronghold’ for rare hazel dormice has been created in Lancashire, with the introduction of 39 more to boost breeding numbers.

Entries have now closed for our nature writing competition for this year. Winners will be announced on 22 September 2022.

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