When you’re carrying your camping gear on your back, every gram counts - and items like cups and mugs can quickly add weight. Luckily, finding high-quality, durable yet lightweight camping mugs is fairly easy. There are plenty of different designs out there, from collapsible silicone cups to steel mugs. Some can even pack down to fit in your pocket.


We’ve crawled the internet to find the very best camping mugs on offer. Keep scrolling to find your new favourite.

The best camping mugs to take on your next adventure

Stojo travel cup

Stojo travel cup on a blue background

With its colourful silicone exterior, the Stojo travel cup is one of the most stylish camping mugs on the market. You could easily use it for day trips, car journeys and your commute, as well as outdoor adventures.

It pops up to hold 237ml of your favourite drink - hot or cold - and then collapses down into a leak-proof disk measuring just 7.9 x 5cm. Unlike other reusable coffee cups, this one easily slips into your coat or bag pocket for easy storage.

You can put it in the dishwasher, so it’s easy to clean, and you can reheat your drinks by popping the cup in the microwave.

Plus, the cup is made from BPA-free, recyclable materials and comes in a range of attractive colours.

Explore More Steel Carabiner Camping Mug Coffee Cup

Explore More Steel Carabiner Camping Mug Coffee Cup on a blue background

If you’re planning to fix your camping mug to the outside of your rucksack, an innovative design like this could be perfect. The makers have swapped a standard handle for an integrated carabiner, so you can attach it easily without having to bring along your own.

Crafted from lightweight stainless steel, this camping mug weighs just 200g. It can hold 300ml and comes with an illustrated design printed in Hertfordshire, UK.

Belly 4 Piece Mug Set

Belly 4 Piece Mug Set on a blue background

For family adventures, you can’t go wrong with this fun four-piece set from Wayfair. Each one comes in a different colour, so you won’t lose track of your drink.

The curved ‘belly’ shape of the mug makes it especially easy to cradle in the hand - perfect for warming up around the campfire.

These camping mugs are made with durable pressed steel and coated in non-stick enamel for rust-resistance.

Stainless Steel Outdoor Mug

Stainless Steel Outdoor Mug on a blue background

Another compact design for campers carrying their equipment on their backs, this outdoor mug has fold-in handles for easy storage.

Quechua keeps the design plain and simple. Like many of the best camping mugs, this one is made from lightweight stainless steel; it’s just 120g.

The cup measures 9 x 8cm, so you’ll be able to store 450ml drinks inside.

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Weekend Explorer Camping Tent Enamel Mug

Weekend Explorer Camping Tent Enamel Mugs on a blue background

The maker of these camping mugs illustrated the design by hand, taking inspiration from their own memories of camping as a child in the south of France. The cups are made in Bristol, UK, and are part of a larger collection, which pays homage to beach, lake, boat and ski holidays with a range of different designs.

More like this

Unlike lots of other camping mugs, this one comes with a handy lid to keep the heat in and keep pesky insects out.

Sea to Summit X Collapsible Silicone Mug

Sea to Summit X Collapsible Silicone Mug on a blue background

With a capacity of 480ml, a weight of 80g and the ability to fold down into a palm-sized disc, this camping mug could be the best on the market. It doesn’t come with a lid, which makes it easier to store than other collapsible cups.

This camping cup is mainly made from flexible silicone, with a sturdy rim around the top to make it easy to sip your drinks. When you’re done, just squeeze it together and slot it into your pocket.

Choose between a range of tasteful colours, including blue, green and burnt orange.

Finisterre Black+Blum Steel Insulated Travel Cup

Finisterre Black+Blum Steel Insulated Travel Cup on a blue background

You can always rely on Finisterre for high-quality outdoor gear, which is why this 340ml insulated travel cup has made it onto our list. It’s a great option if you want to take your drinks with you during the day; it’ll keep drinks hot for up to five hours and cold for eight.

To avoid any annoying spillages, this travel cup comes with a lockable, leak-proof lid. Handily, you can open and close it with just one hand, so it’s convenient if you’re on the move. It also fits into standard bicycle bottle cages and car cup holders.

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Hi-Gear 12oz Enamel Cup

Hi-Gear 12oz Enamel Cup on a blue background

A familiar sight to backpackers across the world, simple enamel mugs like this have long been an essential for anyone heading out on a camping trip. They’re robust, lightweight and versatile - you can even use them as a saucepan.

Despite being a quick, cheap and easy solution, enamel mugs should last you for years, if not decades.

This one is a good size, as it holds 350ml of your favourite drink.


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