Make a sea glass and driftwood mobile

Look out for driftwood and sea glass on your next beach trip to create this natural hanging decoration 



On your next trip to the seaside, take a small bag and fill it with bits and bobs collected from the beach – sea glass, driftwood, fishing wire. 


These weather-worn gems are the perfect materials for making a sea glass and driftwood mobile.

Driftwood on beach sand abstract background.
The practice of collecting driftwood and other materials from the beach is just as rewarding as making the mobile ©Getty

You will need

  • strong nylon thread or fishing wire
  • sea glass fragments
  • driftwood


1. Hanger
Tie a piece of string around two points on a piece of driftwood. Hang it up to make sure it’s level and make adjustments until you’re happy.
2. Size order

Arrange the sea glass by size – it tends to look better starting with the larger pieces at the top and working down to the smaller fragments.

3. Wire to wood

Attach a piece of nylon thread or fishing wire – twice as long as you would like your mobile to be – around the middle of the driftwood so that the two ends hang down.

4. Attach the first gem

Tether the two strands together further down the length to create a knot. Pop the first piece of sea glass on top of one of the strands, letting the other lay across the top.

5. Add more glass

Tie the strands together again so that the glass is firmly held between two knots. Continue adding pieces of sea glass in this way. 

6. Find it a home

Make sure all the glass is held tightly in place, and then cut off the excess line beneath the last knot. Hang up your new treasure in your home or garden.

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Main image: Hannah Tribe