What’s coming up on this week’s Countryfile – Sunday 14 June

Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury head down to Cornwall to the Lizard Peninsula to come face to face to... camels?

Gloucestershire floods

Don’t miss this week’s Countryfile on Sunday 14th June 2009 at 7pm on BBC One, when Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury head down to the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall.
Here’s some more info on this week’s show:
The National Trust
Thirty years ago the Lizard was chosen as the site of the first National Trust Biological Survey.  Julia is joined by a member of the original survey team to find out more about the unique species of plants and animals living in the area.
771 Squadron
Rescue call-outs on the treacherous coastline of the Lizard have more than doubled this year.  The helicopter search and rescue team of the 771 Squadron is on hand to assist all year round. Matt and Julia help out on a training mission and they find out just what it takes to rescue someone from the perilous coastline.  After going out with the team, they meet a survivor who owes his life to the squadron.
RNLI Lifeguards
The RNLI is best known for its iconic lifeboats and sea rescues, but it has another job too – it’s also responsible for training beach lifeguards. Last year they helped nearly 10,000 people nationally and saved more than fifty lives. The guards perform an essential service, protecting beach goers from the perils of the sea. At this time of the year numbers of incidents are at their highest, so Julia’s with the team at Poldhu Cove to see them being put through their paces.
South West Coast Path
The Peninsula is home to the longest National Trail in the country, which runs from Poole to Minehead. At 630 miles it’s no easy feat and it’s rarely completed in one go. Just a few weeks ago, a half way marker was erected in Porthallow as a physical and psychological spur to walkers taking on the trail.  Matt journeys by foot and boat, on a small section of the trail, to learn more about its history.
Camel Trekking
There are many ways to take in the beauty of the Lizard, but Matt’s trying out a two-humped option.  He visits a farm where camels give visitors a unique trip around the surrounding countryside. They’ve just had babies, so Matt lends a hand in the stable and finds out what’s involved in rearing camels, while their owner prepares his workers for the new season.
John Craven Investigates: Bovine TB
Bovine TB is costing the taxpayer a million pounds a year. And this can only increase as the latest figures show a 34 per cent rise in the number of animals slaughtered because of the disease. Many farmers blame badgers for spreading the infection and are calling for a widespread cull, but this has been rejected by the government in England.  Instead, the plan is to try and vaccinate the badgers in an effort to halt the spread of the disease. 
Adam’s Farm
Every Sunday, Countryfile finds out about real life on the land, with Adam Henson on his Cotswolds family farm. This week, Adam’s after some more Gloucester Old Spot pigs because they’re proving such a hit with his local butcher. Only happy with the best, he’s off to search for a top boar and a couple of sows.
Seal Watch
The UK has 40 per cent of Europe’s harbour seals but worryingly some populations have halved over the last few years. Jolyon Chesworth’s on a mission to monitor the seals of the Solent to make sure their numbers don’t dwindle further.
Bird Trail
Katie Knapman re-discovers her childhood interest in ornithology and visits the RSPB headquarters at Sandy in Bedfordshire. Since 1961 the charity has worked hard to maintain and improve the habitats that surround the site, making them an irresistible spot for birds.  Binoculars at the ready, Katie checks out the new nature trail and finds out what we can do at home to help the declining swift population.