If you feel like chilling out to some mellow tunes this weekend, we’ve just the thing: the BBC Countryfile Magazine team has just published our first music playlist via music streaming service Spotify.

Called Countryfile Magazine: Dreaming of the countryside, it brings together an hour or so of mellow music to remind you of happy time spent in the great outdoors.


Listen on Spotify

The opening track sets the tone, as Nick Mulvey sings:

When you are close by me

This room has no walls

Instead only trees I see

Infinite trees, my love

Nick's song, Infinite Trees, and many of the others we've chosen, are love letters to the countryside – full of yearning for the peace and beauty of favourite rural places.

There’s a mix of artists for the UK and overseas, from Ben Howard and Xavier Rudd to classic tracks from Paul Weller, Van Morrison and Nick Drake. What links them is a peaceful acoustic vibe.


I hope you like it… switch on, relax and led the mellow mood take you!


Joe PontinFeatures Editor