Whether things have become a bit muddy on the mountainside and you need to wash your kit, or you simply want to freshen up after a night of camping, biodegradable soap can help keep you squeaky clean without damaging your surroundings.


What is biodegradable soap?

A biodegradable soap is a cleanser that uses natural ingredients as opposed to chemicals that can be damaging to the environment like alcohol or parabens. As a result they are much gentler on both your skin and on the planet, decomposing naturally without leaving any nasty ingredients behind on your campsite.

Types of biodegradable soap

Available in different sizes, shapes and forms with different purposes in mind, there are plenty of eco-conscious camping soaps to choose from.

It’s worth keeping in mind that some soaps are specifically for your face, hair or body, as well as those that can be used on dishes and material. If you’re looking for an all rounder we’ve included some that can do all of the above as well.

We’ve also listed a number of solid bars if you’d prefer a proper scrub, as well as some gels that may be more convenient for a quick top up, and easier to use if you’re trying to clean your gear.

Best biodegradable soap in 2022

Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash

Sea to Summit wilderness wash on white background

This liquid soap from Sea to Summit is a true all-rounder as it can be used on everything, from your laundry, any muddy equipment, your camping gear, crockery and even yourself.

Made from completely natural ingredients, this soap should be fully biodegradable so you can keep on top of your hygiene with no concerns that you're doing a disservice to the environment. It should even keep insects away when applied which is especially ideal for summer camping.

Stored in a small, handy bottle it can be conveniently kept in your backpack until it’s needed.

Natural Travel Soap

Friendly soap on white background

Appropriately named, this soap is both friendly to you and the environment, helping you wash your hair, body and even your laundry without doing any damage to the countryside.

Each bar weighs just 285 grams which means it can be stored away in your pack with little hassle, and this set comes with three bars so you'll have some to spare. It's suitable for all skin types and has a climate friendly pledge, free from parabens, plastics and palm oil, with a cruelty free promise.

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Its core ingredients include lemongrass, peppermint and coconut oil so it should leave a lovely scent behind as well.

Rawganic Soap Bar

Rawganic soap bar on white background

Made from 99% natural ingredients, this biodegradable soap won't simply clean you, it aims to help replenish your skin as well.

Avoiding ingredients such as parabens, artificial fragrances and alcohol, they've instead opted for juniper which aims to help with oily skin, bitter orange which has been added as a moisturiser, and lavender for a calming fragrance.

These biodegradable bars can either be bought as single units or you can invest in a bulk pack of 10 if you want to stock up on the cruelty free cleaning product which has been packaged in recyclable material.

Lifeventure All Purpose Soap

Lifeventure All Purpose soap on white background

Featuring a concentrated formula but a subtle scent, this all purpose soap is both antibacterial and biodegradable, which means it will give you a thorough clean without causing problems for the planet.

It comes in a small bottle that you can keep close by whenever you need to reach for it, and because the formula is PH-balanced it shouldn't dry out your skin.

Faith in Nature Coconut Soap

Faith in nature hand made soap on white background

Forget harmful ingredients like SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) or parabens, this 100% natural soap has instead been made with tropical organic coconut to help cleanse you and leave a welcoming smell without doing any harm to the planet in the process.

Vegan friendly and officially approved by Cruelty-free international, these soaps also come in 100% recyclable packaging.

Marcel's Green Soap

Marcel's green soap on white background

Marcel's Green Soap range boasts a number of eco-friendly claims as they are free from any plastics, totally vegan and 97% biodegradable.

The bar also comes with a useful storage box so you can keep it safely tucked away on your next trip, weighing just 150 grams so it shouldn't be a burden to your backpack either.

Made with vegetable glycerine, it aims to provide you with a hydrating lift and soften your skin, with each bar leaving a fresh scent behind, from their vanilla cherry blossom, argan oudh, to tonka muguet option.

Azafran Turmeric and Neem Bath Soap Bar

Azafran Turmeric and Neem Bath Soap Bar on white background

Small and compact, this all body bath bar should be easy to carry on the go weighing just 100 grams. Both cruelty free and suitable for vegans they also say it's especially good for those prone to oily skin and acne, so it can be applied to sensitive skin as well.

Thanks to their climate friendly pledge, this soap consists of natural, plant-based ingredients that are biodegradable.

SOS Soap Bar

SOS Soap Bar on white background

Safe for the planet, your body and your face, this biodegradable cleanser from the Little Soap Company has been especially made for the proud eco warrior, with 25p from each item sold helping support the Sumatran Orangutan Society which aims to plant seedlings and protect their forests.

Made in the UK, these bars are 100% vegan friendly with no plastics involved in the mix, and are completely free from any alcohol or detergents.

Humble Beauty Honeysuckle Cleansing Bar

Humble beauty cleansing bar on white background

If you're looking for a thorough but gentle cleanser that won't damage the planet, this honeysuckle bar from Kate Humble promises to leave your skin feeling clean and soft while containing biodegradable materials.


They've also opted for recyclable packaging and sought recycled materials where possible in a bid to do their bit for the environment.


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