Mission: Penguin

A mobile game set up by the Torquay zoo, Living Coast, aims to create awareness and raise money for conservation by a new iphone application.


Living Coasts, a sea zoo based in Devon, has come up with a modern way of keeping children and adults interested in a good cause.


The new iphone application provides the user with a challenge and a donation towards marine conservation. Living Coasts are famous being a truly coastal zoo and their famous free-roaming penguins so it seemed relevant to feature them in the new game.

Mission: Penguin allows the player to take on the role of a penguin who is desperate to return to its colony with as many fish as possible. All this needs to be done without getting eaten by the Orca, who chases you whilst you avoid various obstacles.

This new application is one of a variety of fundraising ideas that Living Coast are presenting to raise awareness, and money for marine conservation. These projects allow continual work to be done to protect some of the most loved and endangered species in the seas and oceans.


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